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Destination Rate
Bosnia Herzegovina 19c/min
Bosnia Herzegovina Mobile 43c/min
Bosnia Herzegovina Mobile BH 43c/min
Bosnia Herzegovina Mobile Eronet 43c/min
Bosnia Herzegovina Mobile Mtel 43c/min
Bosnia Herzegovina Mostar 43c/min
Bosnia Herzegovina MTEL 43c/min

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2. Dial access number

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Cheap international calls from  1-415-766-2098 from US landlines and mobiles

This is a US landline number, so if you have free calls to landlines this should be a free call.

3. Enter number to call

At the prompt, enter the number in Bosnia Herzegovina (including the 00387 international dialing code) you want to call. Do not press the call button again.

That's it! Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Pay your mobile/landline operator the cost for calling our USA access number (a national call, so usually included in any free calls to landlines bundles). The cost for us to connect you to the Bosnia Herzegovina number is deducted from your Call2Abroad credit

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Useful info for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Capital city: Sarajevo
Currency: Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark (BAM)

International dialing code: 387

Principle languages: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian

Bosnia and Herzegovina embassy in the UK
Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina

5-7 Lexham Gardens London

W8 5JJ

Telephone: (020) 7373 0867

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 1000-1300

Check the time in Bosnia and Herzegovina

With UK Daylight Saving Without UK Daylight Saving
(Britsh Summer Time)
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 hours 2 hours

Bosnia and Herzegovina Event calendar - events and public holidays

Make sure that you don't miss out - make cheap calls to friends and family in Bosnia and Herzegovina for public holidays and celebrations!

1 January  -  New Year (Western Christians)
7 January  -  Orthodox Christmas
14 January  -  New Year (Orthodox)
14 January  -  New Year
14 February  -  Valentines Day
1 March  -  National Independence Day
1 March  -  National Independence Day
8 March  -  Women's Day
15 April  -  Army Day
1 May  -  Labour Day
6 May  -  St. George's Day (Orthodox)
9 May  -  VE Day
25 May  -  Youth Day
12 July  -  Petrovdan (Orthodox)
2 August  -  Ilindan (Orthodox)
15 August  -  Velika gospa - Assumption (Western Christians)
28 August  -  Velika gospojina - Assumption (Orthodox)
8 September  -  Mala gospa - Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Western Christian)
21 September  -  Mala gospojina - Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Orthodox)
1 November  -  All Saints' Day (Western Christians)
2 November  -  All Souls Day (Western Christians)
8 November  -  Mitrovdan (Orthodox)
25 November  -  National Day
25 November  -  National Statehood Day
25 December  -  Christmas Day (Western Christians)

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