International calls with Call2Abroad

Call2Abroad offers low cost international calls from the UK, across Europe and the USA. Make calls from your landline or your mobile, you don't need to change providers and you won't receive any separate bills from us. It really is very cheap and easy!

Make cheap international calls to landlines and mobiles worldwide

no registration  talk from 1p/min 
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no separate bills  use any mobile or landline
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Select a destination for full details of how to use the service and how much it costs

Call phones anywhere in the world from 1p/min.

The Call2Abroad service lets you make international calls quickly, easily and cheaply.

You can make calls from the UK and from 10 countries worldwide (see below).

It is very straightforward to use. Just purchase credit online quickly and securely using PayPal, credit card or debit card.

Then make your call by dialing our local access number followed by your full international number.

You save on calls to anywhere in the world, such as calls to USA and Europe from 1p/min, calls to India for 1.5p/min, calls to Australia and China from 1p/min.

You can use your Call2Abroad credit directly from the mobile you used to top up, or from any other phone using a PIN.

It's so easy to use and our rates are unbeatable!

Where can I call from?

You can call from any landline or local mobile and there is no need to change your existing landline or mobile provider, simply make cheaper international calls with Call2Abroad

Call2Abroad can be used from any of the following countries. Click on a country to view our local access numbers and low call rates:

You can use the same account and credit in any of the above countries - great for travellers and expats.

Call2Abroad USA Call2Abroad USA - cheap international calls from USA landlines and mobiles to any landline or mobile worldwide

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