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Fed up of spending hundreds of pounds on international phone calls?

We were once in the same position. Whether it's essential contact with family or friends abroad, important business calls or even just a chat, it seemed ridiculous that normal calling costs, from mobile phones and landlines, were so prohibitive. The prospect of a huge monthly bill meant that it whenever used to be able to have a comfortable chat with friends abroad, and the quality of calling cards and Internet calls was too low for business use.

So we launched Call2Abroad: a high quality, low cost international phone service. Call2Abroad enables you to make international calls from 1p/min. This means it will cost you the same to phone a friend in UK as it will to phone a friend overseas (sometimes less!). Alternatively, if you're on the move, make the best value international calls from your mobile phone. Select a destination above for full details of how to use the service and to see our low rates.

There are no catches or hidden charges and no monthly bills. Just simple and straight forward low cost calls.

In addition to Call2Abroad UK, we have launched the Call2Abroad prepaid service in several countries.

Call2Abroad is great for travellers and expats, as you can use the same credit in any of the countries in which we operate.

Services for travellers

If you regularly travel to a country and have a local SIM card, then the Call2Abroad Euro service above is best for you. However for occasional vistors, or if you travel to countries not covered by Call2Abroad yet, then UK2Abroad is the answer.

For travellers abroad, see our mobile roaming service UK2Abroad - the Mobile Roaming Solution. Purchase a SIM card that will work everywhere, with free incoming calls in many countries and very low cost calls to all destinations. Wherever you are in the world, you can keep in touch for less.

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We are here to help you keep in touch cheaper!

Whatever your international calling requirement, whether its occasionally calling a friend overseas or operating a base of several thousand mobile phones roaming globally, Call2Abroad (or our parent company 2Abroad) has a service tailored to your needs.

Give the service a try and do get in touch for any assistance, to request some free leaflets or with any feedback.

All the best,

The Call2Abroad Team

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